Hi, I’m Batuhan DÜVÜNCÜ

1 – about BREAK button
when you use ‘’BREAK’’, press a ‘’MAIN VARIATION’’ with break button at the same time.. for example : (while playing MAIND) if you press ‘’BREAK + MAINC’’ buttons at the same time, first we will hear break and then mainc.. let’s try that on yamaha keyboard..

2 – it can be difficult to start the rhythm with the START/STOP button..
during playback try to stop the rhythm with the ‘’SYNC START’’ button.. after the rhythm has stopped, it will start playing again the moment you tap the chord, which will save you time..
so you don’t need to strike a chord to hear the chords again..

3 – CCC “Cancel Crash Chord” usage in rhythm occurs in two ways :

  • when we play chords as shown in picture A we hear a CRASH sound
  • when we press the chord shown in the B picture, all the chord parts except the “BASS” part are closed and the bass sounds continue to play

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