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Hi, I’m Batuhan DÜVÜNCÜ

yamaha keyboards have a test section.. the element I’m going to describe is valid for many Yamaha products..
you can make a preliminary fault detection using this section..
you can experiment with many functions available on the device, some of those; key lights, pitch bend device, screen touch and hardware on the motherboard..

in order to reach the test section, we turn on the device by holding the 2nd octave “C# Maj” chord from the left.. we have to keep pressing the chord until we reach the test screen..
let’s get to the test section now !

as you can see, we reached the test section.. two buttons will help us navigate the test area; one is the data wheel key and another is the start/stop button.. while the data wheel button allows us to switch between topics, the start/stop button will allow us to enter and exit.
let’s take a few tries and take a look at how it works.. let me go through a few topics so you can see the test screen..

I choose topic number 4.. let’s measure if there is an error with the ram hardware.. I press the start/stop button to do this; now that we see the OK warning, there is no problem with the ram hardware.. I press the start/stop button again to exit..
as you can see on the screen, a small star appeared next to the subject title.. what will this do for us; in order to see the subject titles we have tried in the test section, so we don’t need to do the same thing twice..

here, let’s see if there are any malfunctioning of the lights on the buttons, ie the LEDs.. you may not be able to see the entire yamaha genos right now due to the camera angle, but there is no LED that is not working..
it is difficult for me to fit many topics into video, but you can try it at home with your keyboard.. after the test is over, you can finish the test by coming to the heading number 61..

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